I remember as a child when I lived there, waking up early in the morning to the smell of home-baked breads and pizza dough. Every morning the baker would load the basket of his bike and make his rounds through the town delivering the fresh breads and delicacies wrapped in brown paper.
We were raised on a crunchy, brown pizza crust with my mom’s traditional sauce. Made with fresh ingredients, spices and unique blends of cheeses. Mamma made a homemade pizza every Friday night for my father. It was this familiar aroma of pizza that I remember so well.

Throughout the years, as I would return often to visit with my husband Steve and our 2 boys, Louis and Nicolas, we would delight as my mother would make her pizzas for all of us.

In 2017 it was discovered that Mamma had started using a store-bought, par baked pizza base for her base crust. No one knew she had been using it for over a year because it was exactly as her own.

I didn’t think this was possible so we reached out to the manufacturer and had him ship crusts to us to sample. The day they came I put them into the oven. Our boys were just coming home from school. They came in, smelled what I was cooking and said, “Where is Nonna?” I cut up the pizza and we all sampled. We were amazed how the aroma that the boys had immediately identified with Nona’s pizza, matched our expectations, it is "perfetta".

We went to work forming a relationship with the manufacturer and brought over a bunch of the pizza bases, focaccia and flatbreads. We worked to find the best ingredients, from cheese to tomatoes to an Italian butcher who was from our home town and knew just how we want the sausage.

After many months of sampling to find just the right matches, we were ready. We opened a small shop in the town we lived in, and where my husband grew up, Hinsdale, Illinois. We featured this wonderful imported crust with our premium ingredients. We made them up fresh to order as a take and bake pizza...and we still do to this day.

Our reception has been overwhelming and I am pleased to announce we now have a way to bring this wonderful product to you, so you too can bake it at home and enjoy the smells and tastes of my home town. Thank you and enjoy.

Altamura Pizza - Our Food

Indulge in the unparallelled taste of our GMO-free, all-natural durum-semolina wheat crusts. The Crusts that are meticulously hand-crafted by master pizzaioli in Italy from durum semolina wheat grown exclusively in the sun-drenched fields of Italy's Puglia region.

Wheat known around the world for its unique blend of mountain air, rich soil, free of harmful pesticides and enhanced by the character of local mineral water. Together, they produce the famous “Breads of Altamura”. Paired with our farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients, each bite is a celebration of flavor, tradition, and wholesome goodness.

Show off with family and friends by providing homemade perfection that combines the fresh baked aroma of our premium crusts and ingredients, with the satisfaction of creating your own unforgettable moments a bite at a time.

Master Class, Master Pizzaioli

Experience our Master Pizzaioli made crusts from the famous wheat fields of Puglia, a region celebrated for their extraordinary quality.