Frequently Asked Questions

Storage & Preparation

All perishable packages are packed with ice packs to keep the contents fresh. ​

The ice may have melted entirely. Don't be alarmed if there is none present. Your items will still be cool to the touch.​

If you are not ready to enjoy any or all of your items just yet, you can use the zip lock bag provided to place the contents in the freezer.

If the products are cool to the touch when the package is received, you can put them in the freezer or prepare them immediately.

For the best taste, we recommend eating the frozen products within 6 months. 

A defrosted product can last in the refrigerator for 48 hours. However, we recommend eating the product within 24 hours of defrosting. 

All of Altamura Pizza's mail order pizzas are nine inches and comfortably feed two adults. They are partially baked and flash frozen to preserve their hot-out-of-the-oven freshness. Your pizza will arrive frozen or cool to the touch and ready to be baked and eaten! 

No, the lid is made out of cardboard and may catch on fire if it is put in an oven. 

We do not recommend this. For best results, cook your pizza in a conventional oven.

Allergen Information

Our mouth-watering pizzas are hand crafted in italy using durum semolina wheat, meticulously grown, harvested, and crafted into our par baked pizza crust.

This process ensures that our product is free from common farming practices that may include toxins, resulting in a bakery item that is gentle on digestion even for people with gluten sensitivities.

We have found over the years that people with gluten sensitivity are able to eat our pizza. This sometimes means they are finally able to eat real pizza again.

However, please note that our product does contain gluten, soy lecithin, potato starch and other ingredients.

Our gluten-free pizza crust is imported from Italy, designed to provide a delicious and safe option for individuals with gluten sensitivities, celiac certified and vegan.

Ingredients contain: Water, Rice Flour, Olive Oil, Rice Starch, Potato Starch, Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Potato Flour, Instant Yeast (Yeast and Sorbitan Monostearate), Xanthan Gum and Salt.

We use pork sausage on our sausage pizzas. 

Our pizzas do not contain any eggs or egg products.

However, other products besides our pizza crust may contain eggs. 

Our bakery products are handled in a nut-free facility.

However, please be aware that some of our ingredients may have been processed or handled in facilities that also handle nuts.

Our pizzas do not contain any soy. 

Yes. The meats on our pizza are considered raw until baked. 

Order & Returns

The pizzas we ship are 9", which serve 2 adults. ​

Unfortunately the only pizza flavors available are Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, or Spicy Salami (Diavola) We are not able to customize apizza with different toppings.

However, if you choose our Sampler Pizza Kit, you will be able to customize a pizza with our included toppings.

You will receive two (2) emails regarding your purchase. Your first email will include your product selection and pricing. Your second email will include a custom tracking number once your product has been shipped.

For all payment related questions, call us at (630) 755-5252 or email us

All items are final sale, but if an item arrives damaged or spoiled, please reach out to our team at (630) 755-5252 or fill out our contact form within 14 days of delivery and we will make things right.